With many years of experience across our team, we welcome any and all challenges. We are confident that NAMI will meet or exceed your expectations and perform services for you in a quality and professional manner. Here are some of the services that we offer:


We can move any equipment that you have, including Bone Density, MRI, CT or any other imaging system. We will provide you with a detailed scope of project in checklist form. This way you know exactly where the project stands at all times.


We can perform a complete practice or department analysis. The IRIS program will be used in this situation, from current service contracts to a complete overview of your current equipment. After the analysis is complete, we provide recommendations with increasing your bottom line being the focus.


NAMI can help your technologists receive their required credits in ARRT continuing education and financial management in Radiology.


If you have equipment you want to sell, but don't have the time or knowledge to do so? NAMI can sell it for you. We will use our large network of buyers to sell your equipment for a percentage fee. Since we work on this basis, we will get the maximum allowable price for your equipment.


NAMI can supply you with either reconditioned or new parts and x-ray tubes. Just call us for pricing.